Automated Telephonic Interview System (ATIS)

The IVR interview App is a system that allows telephonic interviews to be conducted with little or no interviewer intervention initially. It voices out the questions to the interviewee and waits for the first few answers to be recorded in the form of voice as well as by using the keypad on his/ her telephone.

The voice responses on the virtual number along with the answers keyed in are then stored in a Google spreadsheet which proves handy for an easy reference in the future. The interviewer thus gains the liberty to assess the candidate at his/her leisure and have a better judgement for the candidature. Virtual number can handle multiple calls simultaneously. So get ready and say good bye to busy waiting tones.

How can an Automated Interview System help you boost up your business?

Time saving:

The management staff/ HR professionals can review the recorded interview anytime and anywhere according to their convenience. This would also lead to decrease in possible scheduling conflicts with the potential candidates. Also, the interviewee can take the interview from his/ her home, a friend's house, a workforce center, or any Alpine location. So, no more leaving your current job in the middle of the day, and no more driving across town!

Reach More Candidates:

This system permits you to screen multiple candidates at the same time without additional resources and lesser efforts. Also, you don't miss out on suitable candidates who are otherwise filtered out by inefficient screening. Additionally, this methodology is an ideal way to assess a candidate's telephone mannerisms. This is particularly helpful if the job requires strong communication skills or is majorly customer-service based.

Speed to hire:

One of the primary purposes of this software is to speed up the process availing setup within a few minutes. No more waiting for several weeks to get through the first round of interview, with our system you can interview immediately!

Unbiased and transparent system:

This facilitates a fair and impartial judgement based entirely on core criteria, removing personal perceptions or biases from the process(such as gender, marital status, appearance etc).

Automated phone interviewing offers many Benefits and Features:

No more compatibility issues:

Ability to collect voice and DTMF inputs at any given time, anywhere with any device compatibility (Mobile phones/ Smartphone are not a must: Landline also works like a charm!).

Unlimited Recorded Digit & Voice Responses:

Standardized prompts can be programmed into the interview to ensure uniformity of questions and an absolute unbiased interview process. User Input Responses will be collected in a Google Spreadsheet & the voice inputs can be accessed through a URL.

User friendly database access:

Tabulations and data files are available sooner in a Google spreadsheet because data entry and most manual editing and data cleaning steps are eliminated. For more complex studies, this may save weeks between the completion of interviewing and the beginning of analysis.

Unlimited Phone Survey Questions & Responses:

Questions can be re-phrased to vary according to answers given earlier in the interview or even according to random numbers. Complex tailor-made experiments can be easily integrated into the survey at a later stage with help from our rock-star deployment engineers.

All these and many more can be availed at an affordable price while incorporating features that would make your phone interviewing software stand out from the rest!