Automated Telephonic Survey App (ATSA)

Automated Telephonic Survey App (ATSA) offers you the ability to take your surveys from the phone directly to the cloud. Instead of conducting offline surveys, the same can be conducted over any phone using an IVR system which will conduct the survey for you thereby saving you time, money and operations costs.

The surveying company can setup an online survey within minutes and get going. The automated system will make calls on your behalf to record responses from the participants directly to the cloud. Even though the responses are stored on a cloud based system, the participants of the survey need not be connected to the internet. This application is specifically designed with this fact in mind that not everybody has always on internet connectivity. The survey participants only have to pick up their phones when the systeam calls in and the system records their responses over the phone. The phone required on this system need not be a high-end smartphone! Any simple phone or even a landline is enough for this system to give you results.

How can the Automated Telephonic Survey App help your business?

  • Time Saving
  • This application being accessible over any phone is its biggest strength. It can be used to gather real-time customer feedback helping your business improve its processes. Feedback from thousands of participants can be handled by the cloud based system in minutes as opposed to days in a conventional survey.

  • Unbiased system
  • There is no physical agent calling the survey participants who can introduce a bias into the customer’s mind. The feedback received immediately after receiving the service is the truest feedback you will ever receive.

  • Reduce personnel costs
  • Since all the calling is done by an IVR system, the costs involved are vastly reduced when it comes to conducting a large scale survey.

  • Global accessibility
  • Since the surveys are being conducted over the phone, not with a pen and paper, participants from all over the world can participate regardless of their location.

  • Greener operations
  • By leveraging automation and cloud technologies, the system effectively eliminates the need to waste paper on your next survey. Instead, the same operation can be given out to the system effectively reducing the time and money required to complete the operation, saving your company, money and the world, unnecessary chopping of trees. Automated Telephonic Survey App comes with the following features which ensure that the system grows along with your organization.

  • No limits
  • The application is infinitely scalable ensuring you guaranteed results regardless of the size of your organization. There are no limitations on the no. of participants or questions it can be used to handle.

  • Cloud Integration
  • The system records participant’s voice responses and DTMF inputs over to a cloud based Google spreadsheet. Its cloud int Integration ensures lightning fast operation and anywhere access to the survey data.

  • Minimal learning curve
  • Since all data is managed on your Google Apps using your google account, you probably know how to use the system already!

  • Total Security
  • The system harnesses the power of the Google to ensure total security of your collected data. Your data is yours only. It can never be stolen.

    No more waiting! Its ease of use and integration ensures that your survey will be up and running within minutes.