Aggregation of All Lead Sources

Lead Aggregation System

Lead Aggregation System is an application designed to aggregate information from E-Mails, Website APIs, Phone calls & Missed calls. Once all leads are aggregated neatly, calls can be made to these leads for attending to their queries. All the gathered lead details appear in a unified Google spreadsheet which can then be divided amongst the available Customer Service Representatives(CSRs). The CSR can then revert to the customer while entertaining his/ her query according to the convenience of the customer!

Lead Aggregation System assures you of the following features

Aggregate inquiries from Multiple Sources

Customer/Lead makes enquiries through various websites such as (JustDial, Sulekha, CarWale, CarDekho, MagicBricks, 99acres, PolicyBazaar, BankBazaar etc). If you have subscribed to one of the or multiple lead generation websites mentioned above, leads from these sources are aggregated in a single spreadsheet through which automated calls and SMS’s are triggered to the Lead without any human intervention.

Auto Allocation of Business Inquiries between Multiple Agents

Leads can be assigned to available agents either randomly or based on agent priority if agent is available to take the call.


The product does systematic analysis of calls and helps you to analyze productivity of agent, customer’s enquiry pattern, customer's response patterns etc.

Agent Availability Tracking

By tracking CSR availability, the app assures that leads do not get distributed to Absent CSRs.

Unified Data

Data from multiple sources integrated neatly to the same Google spreadsheet. No need to keep track of data from multiple sources.

Duplicate Elimination

Multiple communication channels used by a single lead to making a contact with you within a short time does not directly mean multiple entries. De-Duplicate leads are handled so that the customer doesn't get unnecessary multiple callbacks.

Easy Management

The tasks of adding CSRs, keeping availability records and managing callbacks are all easily manageable through a convenient Google spreadsheet.

Happy Customers

Assured support and customer satisfaction can be provisioned without any hassle to the customer.

Toll-Free Number Not Required

This app eliminates the need for an expensive toll-free number. Since this app also tracks missed calls, no need to make the customer pay anything. You can always arrange a callback at a time when it is convenient for the customer.

Avoid Customer frustration

The customer can evade waiting for long waiting tones and dreary IVRs by using the missed call feature. If the same customer contacts you using multiple media, it doesn’t mean the lead gets contacted multiple times.

Multiple incoming source

Lead data comes from multiple sources such as Emails, Website APIs, Calls, Missed Calls are all integrated and then duplicated into one common system.

Ideal for Automotive Dealerships

The app is currently compatible with,,,, APIs. It makes this app an ideal lead management app for any New/ Used car dealership.

Track your Leads

You can add comments over each of the lead (which are now as a Spreadsheet row) such as followup date & time , leads closed , deal value and can use this as a mini-CRM, thus helping convert enquiries into customers quickly or for your business reporting purpose.