Appointment Management App

Appointment Management App offers you ability to manage your appointments in an efficient manner. You can add/update/cancel appointment in a simple to use Google spreadsheet which can be accessible from anywhere.

You can add details like Appointment ID, Appointment Date time, Customer Name , Customer Mobile Number, Consultant Name, Consultant Mobile Number.

You can then send appointment confirmation SMS to both the parties via a simple click of a button from within the spreadsheet.

The App will automatically send SMS (and optionally email) reminder to both customer and Consultant about the appointment X mins/hrs before the appointment date and time.

You can modify appointment date/time or cancel an existing appointment and send confirmation SMS to both the parties regarding the same.

In case of telephonic appointments if the customer is calling on your call center you can put in an IVR system in place and request the customer to enter the appointment id. System will validate customers number, appointment id and appointment time, if correct, it will connect the customer to the consultant.

You can optionally sync appointments with Google Calendar of the consultant.

The app can be used by Doctors, Teachers , Consultants, Service Aggregators like Taxi, Hotels, Lodges, Venue Managers and many more businesses

Key features

Accessibility and Usability

The system can be easily accessible through your mobile/ tablet and PC/ Mac. Allows shared access anytime anywhere. Easy to use. No training required

Keeps both the parties informed about their appointments via SMS as mobile phones are extensively used in today's world

Cost effective

Saving you time, money and operations costs