Bulk Dynamic Personalized SMS App

Bulk Dynamic SMS App is a hassle-free bulk SMS management app designed to dynamically generate and send out personalized SMS messages using an interface as simple as a Google Spreadsheet. The personalized SMS feature allows you to connect the app to an ERP system for using data you already have. These auto-generated SMS messages can be sent out conveniently from anywhere using the familiar Google Spreadsheet interface.

At the back-end, the app is connected to the Cloud Telephony Provider servers which allows it to send out SMSs in real-time without ever needing to leave the Google Spreadsheet. By partnering with a Cloud Telephony Provider, we help our customers avoid any legal hassles related to bulk SMSs and allow them to conduct their operations with confidence. What the app also provides is instantaneous reports on the status of the messages sent in a neatly organized format which can be referred to in the future if and when needed.

Here are some ways in which this app can help you ease and automate your time consuming SMS sending process:

  • Create Customized templates: Use customized templates for bulk SMS generation
  • Personalized SMS: Now you need not send generic “Dear Customer” SMSs to your customers any more, add the personal touch. Now address your customer by their actual name and get to connect closer.
  • Ease of use: Sending out SMSs is as easy as editing an Excel sheet. No complicated interfaces, send SMS directly from inside a Google Spreadsheet.
  • Delivery reports: Get instantaneous reports on whether the SMSs were sent properly OR if the recipient has activated DND. All this info is arranged neatly in a google document and can be used for future reference.
  • Easy integration with your existing CRM system - It is easily possible to integrate data from your existing customer database.
  • Totally compliant with all TRAI regulations - You can also send SMS to your DND customers under special conditions.
  • Anywhere access - Send out your SMSs on the move, not just from office. Now take your office with you on vacation!
  • User Friendly - Just about everyone can easily use this app!
  • So, what are you waiting for? Switch now and start enjoy the benefits of using modern cloud technology.