Virtual EPABX System

Hassle-free EPABX system designed to help connect agents through extensions. This cloud- based app is easily accessible from any part of the globe additionally supporting easy extendibility.

Key Features

  • Routes calls directly to your mobile phone.

  • Unlimited Extension Numbers.
  • No physical hardware or wires required.
  • Easy access through your mobile/ tablet and PC/ Mac.
  • Smoother extendibility with simple to use Online Spreadsheet (Google Spreadsheet).
  • Lethargic numbers replaced with convenient extensions.
  • Allows shared access with call tracking/ recording abilities.
  • No need for a smartphone to use this App
  • Virtual EPABX system via Cloud Computing
  • Shared amongst multiple people with revision history
  • Integrating with any existing Web App possible
  • Even a layman can use this App!
  • Failover feature is what makes this foolproof. If a call fails on a number in an extension: in case 1st number is not available, 2nd number is dialled; if 2nd number is busy, 3rd number is dialled, so on and so forth for unlimited failover numbers per extension.