Justdial Lead Aggregation System

Product Features

Organize Justdial Enquiries

Now, no more reading Justdial Leads from your email inbox. All Justdial Leads can be organised systematically in a simple Google Spreadsheet all updated all in real-time as and when you get enquiries from Justdial.

Quick Conversion

Be the first one to identify and reach your potential Customers. Send them additional offers and your additional contact details instantaneously. As soon as someone looks for business related to yours, he can get an SMS/ Call from you, all automatically. Easy Logs: All Calls and SMSs are shot without any human intervention. Call details like date, time, recording url etc and SMS details like time and date, status etc are logged in a simple Google Spreadsheet update real-time.


The product does systematic analysis of calls and helps you to analyse productivity of agent, customer’s enquiry pattern, customers response patterns etc. Auto Allocation of Business Inquiries between Multiple Agents: Leads can be assigned to available agents either randomly or based on agent priority if agent is available to take the call. Track your Justdial Leads: You can add comments over each of the Justdial lead (which are now as a Spreadsheet row) such as followup date & time, leads closed , deal value and can use this as a mini-CRM, thus helping convert enquiries into customers quickly or for your business reporting purpose.

Email to Admin

After every conversation of Agent with the Customer, we provide an email to the Admin with the Call details like From number, Connected Agent Number, Duration, Price and also the Recording URL. What does the Product do? our Aggregator collects enquiries information from JustDial and our system magically picks them up, performs actions like organizing them in Google Spreadsheet or call/ SMS the enquiry.

Time to implement

Within 1 to 2 working Days we could implement the system and you can start receiving a pool full of enquiries all organised and reach out to them easily:)

JustDial SMS_ Call Integration - Abstract. Benefits with Exotel

By combining power of JustDial and Exotel, you can now shoot Calls and SMSs and UMS Tech Labs’ product can do wonders for you.