India has a very high mobile penetration rate and the fact that most people would want to save on their mobile expenses, the missed call platform comes into picture. The missed call number is set to become an inseparable part of mobility campaigns. Additionally, with all the data readily available for an easy reference in the future would only serve as an icing on the cake. The Missed2call app has all the below features and much more. You just need to call up a toll free number, and within a flash you get a call back from one of our agents or an SMS as an acknowledgement.

How does Missed2Call help you promote your business?

  • Easy acquisition of customer information such as mobile/ landline number in the form of a Google Spreadsheet.
  • Facilitates viral pledge campaigns with a simple missed call response.
  • User- friendly service available for both mobile and landline numbers.
  • Extremely convenient to the customers since they are not charged for the missed call, one can have instant access to your services at no cost.
  • The service being based on ultra simplistic concept of dialling a number, one can expect participation from masses and classes, even the rural populace can be easily targeted without worrying about language barriers.

  • Let’s embrace the change, before Missed Calls becomes a matter of the past!