Missed Call to IVR

An ideal solution to monitor your company’s support/ product success is to introduce a satisfaction survey to collect valuable customer feedback. Outbound calling could also prove to be one of the most effective marketing tools available. Whether you’re running for public office or conducting market research, the information garnered during outbound calls and surveys is often the most essential aspect to building a successful campaign. However, the manpower and equipment required for a staffed outbound call center exceeds the budget of most small business owners.

One popular option for collecting this type of feedback is the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) survey. An IVR survey is a pre-recorded automated survey in which the customer responds to questions either by voice or by typing numerical responses using the telephone keypad.

All this can be collaborated with merely a missed call. Simply flood the toll free number everywhere, ask your customers to give you a missed call and what you get is a systematic list of names, phone numbers and call-time windows. We help you craft an interactive script either promoting your product, service or candidate, or requesting information survey-style. You can choose to use one of our professional voice recordings or we can use a script provided by you.

  • Instant IVR set up
  • Quickly create a sophisticated interactive voice response by interacting with our Super Team of developers.

  • Real-Time Analytics and Reports
  • Obtain ready-to-use Google Spreadsheet to monitor real-time IVR statistics including caller information about each inbound missed phone call.

  • Universal Compatibility
  • Independence of handsets makes the service available to both mobile and landline equally.

  • Widespread reach
  • With non-linguistic system adoption of voicing out your feedback with just a missedcall, one can expect participation from masses and classes including the rural populace.