Whitelisting App for Exotel

As per TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) whenever Sales Executives or a Company wants to contact a DND (Do Not Disturb) number for sales/ promotion related activity they first need to whitelist that number before contacting the number. A DND number can be whitelisted for a period of 2 months by Exotel by a Company for specific promotional activity.

Whenever any DND number is whitelisted a SMS is sent to that particular number which notifies him about the Whitelisting (to a particular service/company) which means that from hereon that DND number can receive calls and SMS from that company. At any instance if the customer wants to Opt Out from getting contacted he can simply give a miss call to the number provided to him at the time of Whitelisting and his number would again move back to DND status.

As part of the whitelisting solution which we provide you , you just need to input all the numbers in Google spreadsheet and with a single click all the numbers will get whitelisted (almost forever). Once the number is whitelisted its status is updated in the spreadsheet in real time.

Product Feature

Scheduling Logic

After 2 months, once the number is blacklisted again, our system automatically whitelists it again This is done by maintaining a database of which number was whitelisted when and accordingly on its expiry, the whitelisting API is triggered again.

Simple Tracking

You can easily track all the number’s you have whitelisted for further reference in future.

Easy Whitelisting

You just have to input all the number’s in Google spreadsheet and they would get easily whitelisted in just one click.

Cloud based solution

You can operate this system from anywhere and at anytime as we are using Google Spreadsheet.

Benefits of System

Spreadsheet are automatically updated in the real time as soon as the numbers are whitelisted along with its status. Numbers are whitelisted in bulk and almost forever saving your time and efforts.